Friday, June 7, 2013

John Lennon-Superhero Fan?! BATMAN! SUPERMAN! HELP!

Dig this early-70s pic of former Beatle John Lennon! He (and Yoko) seem to be digging into the afternoon BATMAN rerun on the idiot box! If this is from the period where John lived in New York City, that could be the very same after-school showing I also enjoyed during that time, as a kid living in nearby New Jersey! The shows came spilling out of Philadelphia UHF (look it up, kids) stations (channel 48? 17? 29?), and was all ya had in those pre-cable days! Click below to enlarge!

John is watching a repeat of the 1968 BATMAN
cartoon from the Filmation animation folks!

Below: More pics from the 1968 BATMAN Filmation cartoon, featuring Catwoman!

BONUS! Click below to see even more pics, each spotlighting the comics/Beatles connection!

Above: From the opening of 1965's HELP! Paul sits at the band's piano, gayly
 festooned (the piano, not Paul) with the latest DC comic books available!

Yup! Turn-about time, as DC cashes in on the
"Paul is dead" mini-controversy in 1969!

BONUS BONUS! Click here to see the incredible connection between DC Comics and another famed 60s rock/pop group!

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