Monday, June 24, 2013

Inside the 1976 Marvel Comics Bullpen! Stan Lee! John Romita! Bronze Age Greatness!

Once again, those delightful dandies at DYNAMITE magazine come thru with this nifty 1976 look behind the well-guarded doors of the famed Marvel Comics "Bullpen!" See writer/creator Stan Lee and artist John Romita, Sr. in their creative environs! Glare at rare cover art, at its time of inception! Recall the days when comics were fun, exciting,  and essential! Click below to enlarge this rare gem, True Believer!

Why all this attention given to Spider-Man? In 1976, Spidey was Marvel's (and comicdom's) biggest
and best-known character, starring in five regular comic titles, a long-running newspaper strip,
on CTW's ELECTRIC COMPANY show, and, the next year, he would helm his own live-action
CBS TV series!

BONUS! Glance below to dig an enlarged image of the above brain-battering Bullpen pic! How many of the incredible covers seen behind Johnny can you identify?

BONUS BONUS! Below are some of the published '76 comics glimpsed in the above pulse-palpitating pic!

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