Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gil Kane Appreciation Day! Rare Art! Batman! Superman! Captain America!

Let's once again heap copious amounts of praise upon the late (but eternally great) Gil Kane! Click below to stare at some rare art pieces by this comic art master, who enjoyed long stretches at DC and Marvel Comics, as one of their top "go-to" artists! Gil also crafted his own creator-owned strips, striking out for himself at a time when such daring solo efforts among commercial comics artist were very rare!

Above: Even tho Gil was one of DC Comics' main artists (on books like THE ATOM
and GREEN LANTERN) in the early 60s, he had to audition at rival Marvel Comics!
That firm used the "Marvel method," a system that involved artists working from
only a loose plot (not a full script) to create 20-page comics, and not every artist
was up to the task! Here are some CAPTAIN AMERICA pencilled try-out pages by
Gil from 1966! Gil would later go on to make his mark on CAP in the 70s!

Above: Convention sketches by Gil! Batman and
Superman have never looked better!

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