Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CAPTAIN AMERICA #200! Jack Kirby's 1976 Original Cover Art! Marvel!

It's one of the most iconic images of the Bronze Age of comics! Here is Jack Kirby's art for the captivating cover to CAPTAIN AMERICA #200, from 1976 (the bicentennial year, natch)! We see Jack's original pencil sketch design for this image, and his fabulous finished cover, with added inking by fearless Frank Giacoia! Jack had just returned to CAP, after originating the strip in the 40s (along with co-creator Joe Simon), then revived the character in the mid-60s (with Stan Lee), returning in the mid-70s to work his singular magic once again on the star-spangled Avenger! Click below to enlarge and enjoy, art lovers!

Does the price tag seem awfully large on the cover? Marvel was transitioning
from a 25 cent price to 30 cents, and wanted to make sure every friendly neighbor-
hood retailer was paying attention to that pricing area! I can tell you for certain
that no fan missed these price increases either, and Marvel was truly appreciated
for staving off the inevitable 5 cent increases for as long as possible, months longer
than their competitors!

BICENTENNIAL BONUS! Click below to glom the actual printed cover of CAP #200!

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