Thursday, June 13, 2013

BATMAN 1966! More Rare Pics, Articles, and Video! Adam West! DC Comics!

Back once more with some bat-astic BATMAN 1966 TV tidbits! Look behind-the-scenes of this favorite ABC series! Learn about the actor's real lives! Watch Adam West act up in more recent times! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Yep, even in sunny California it got chilly on occasion, thus Adam West and
Burt Ward donned jackets and robes between takes during this outdoor shoot!

Above: Another scene from an outdoor shoot, with Adam and Burt looking
 over some recent magazine coverage of their show!

Above: A 1966 newspaper article
about the overwhelming wave of
Bat-merchandice (or the lack

Above: On location while filming the '66 BATMAN movie,
Adam is mobbed by young fans!

Above: Even as late as 1979 (the date this mag clip was published), folks were still 
puzzled over the "high camp" humor approach of the BATMAN show! Amazing!

Above: It's the mammoth "Batcave" set, complete with set visitor!

Above: A 1966 public relations press event, helmed by bat-producer
Bill Dozier (center), who is flanked by Burt Ward and Adam West!

Above: Adam West on set, slipping into his "Batman" persona!

Above: It's Adam, at home in 1966! Note the famed
Aurora Batman model kit, proudly displayed on
his work desk!

Above two images: Great '66 advertisements, all for
now sought-after Batman toys and goods! Thanks to
Walter Brzeski for these!

Above: Adam West updates fans on his then-current
activities in this 1984 TV GUIDE update feature!

BAT-BONUS! Click below to watch Adam West himself, "hamming" it up in some "appetizing" 1994 TV ads "cooked up" for a Comedy Central event!

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