Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BAM! Brave and Bold Batman Battles Back Baffling Beasts! 1975 DC Comics Special Report!

That's right! Batman is known for his famous sinister super-foes, such as the many named after animals (Catwoman, Penguin, Black Spider) but let's take a close look at those foes who really were abominable beasts! Who recalls Bat-Hound (actually a Bat-ally)? The Werewolf? Birdmaster? This amazing double-page delight (from a 1975 BRAVE AND THE BOLD issue) unleashes all the facts! Click below to enlarge and recall, Bat-fan!

Of all these furry felons, Man-Bat is probably the best-known today, due to his frequent return
appearances in comics, and his inclusion in many recent animated Batman TV cartoon series!


Anonymous said...

Er...why is Batman trying to kill Moby Dick? Was Captain Ahab from Gotham City?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see now, it was a robot whale. Didn't have my reading glasses on. Sorry about the corny joke!