Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Molten Man Returns! 1973 Gil Kane Original SPIDER-MAN Comic Art!

Just weeks ago, I threw a white-hot spotlight on a fabulous 1970 Marie Severin piece of original cover art, one featuring the malicious Molten Man! Now, let's take a look further down the road, to glom this amazing cover scene from 1974, again featuring ol' Molty! This action-crammed cover was pencilled by gregarious Gil Kane, with inks by the incomparable John Romita, Sr.! To me this is how Spidey and his world should look! Drama, excitement, suspense, and danger are all bursting from this well-drawn scene, and comic covers never looked better! Click to enlarge!

Note how Kane creates a fully symmetrical design, with two horizontal figures
balancing the lower portion of the cover, Spider-Man in the top middle, flanked 

by the two holes in the wall providing a balanced background! Also: Can you 
spot the differences between the original art and the final published version? 
Look at the upper left portions of the covers!

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