Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Superman Finally Marries LOIS LANE! Or Does He? 1972 DC Comics Madness!

It's very seldom that I post an entire comic book story on this blog, usually opting to display only the most interesting or oddest portions of past comic tales. However, I just had to show off the enitre lead story from this 1972 issue of LOIS LANE #128! It's the kind of story that only DC Comics of the period could produce, even as competitor Marvel Comics continued their domination in the field! Marvel was winning the "comic wars," due to their more plausible and "realistic" stories that never quite reached the levels of absurdity that DC was capable of! Don't believe me? Just click below to enlarge each page, and start believing!

Things start off with a bang with this terrific cover by Bob Oksner

Yep, that must be it! Poor Superman has finally relented to Lois Lane's endless
 marriage-minded advances! Why else would a man consent to (ugh) marriage?!
Interior art by John Rosenberger and Vince Colletta.

So, Batman lends his old buddy (who can fly, by the way), his Batmobile?! Must not be
any current crime waves that need his attention...And, what newly-minted honeymooners
rush right to a strenuous stint of  "musical  chairs" on their wedding night?!

So, it's now time for more dancing, and the inviting of all their pals (including Superman's
crime-busting friends) to the event? Don't they want any "alone time?!"

"When are we going to eat?" That's spoken by the book's token "fat friend" who was recently
added to the story lines. Oh, the pre-politically correct 70s! Such sensitivity throughout!

You knew the wedding had to be a trick, didn't you? What about the trauma 
caused to Lois' co-workers and family? Are they in on the scheme, too?!

Don't the members of the Justice League have better things to do than watch a bogus
ceremony? And, Lois admonishes her long-time love that she wishes for a wedding, and
Supe's answer? "Cool off-you'll feel better!" Then, he further baits her with a spiffy
new ring! What a catch!

What a great guy Supes is, to put ever-loyal Lois thru such a horrifying
ordeal! Of course, it's to prove a very visual point to that wacky, silly, heart-sick
female! It's for her own good, right? 

That ring serves as a visual metaphor for Lois giving up her marriage plans...
Tons of 9-year old male readers let out a collective sigh of relief...

All this tom-foolery just to prove a point? And, what if Lois got somehow stuck
in that other dimension? Can't Lois marry Supes and only exist in the dimension
where only the Man of Steel can have access to her, thus ensuring her safety from 

criminals? And, is it too creepy that Superman is also spending more spare time 
(aren't people starving somewhere in the world?) creating life-like (presumably
anatomically correct) robots of Lois?

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Keir said...

Oh, actually it's Lois Lane's identical twin who never heard of. No wait, it's actually a robot dating from 1972 that fooled everyone.
Seeing Batman sitting in his costume at a table during the wedding reception doesn't make me want to study the Superman archives either.