Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Play the Silver Age CAPTAIN AMERICA Game! 1966 Marvelmania! Avengers!

Dig this rare ad, gleaned from a 1966 AVENGERS comic! It's a pulsatin' plug for the then-new CAPTAIN AMERICA board game from madcap Milton Bradley!  The entire Marvel Superheroes line was reaching the apex of its sizzling 60s popularity, due to Marvel's new and uninhibited approach to creating comics (and the attention the BATMAN '66 TV show was bringing to all things superhero), and Cap, Spidey, and the gang were all being slapped onto posters, t-shirts, costumes, figures, and any nutty item you could shake a drawing of Irving Forbush at! Cap had a little extra juice, tho, since he was a pre-existing character who harkened back to the 40s, so this ad may have caught more eyes than expected! Click below to enlarge!

Let's hope the art seen above (on the cards and game board) is only
quick "spec art" for the ad, and not used in the actual product! Sheesh!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge these images of the actual CAP game!

BONUS BONUS! What "free comic book" came packaged with this gorgeous game, as per that boisterous box blurb? Most fans recall getting a minty-fresh issue of TALES OF SUSPENSE #81 (see below)! Some collectors report getting no free comics, since the game was not sold shrink-wrapped in those days, and greedy Marvel malefactors could easily help themselves to the contents of this panic-producing product!


Anonymous said...

I got this for Christmas in 1967 and my game came with Tales Of Suspense 91.

Alan The Insane!!!

Bob Buethe said...

Mine came with Tales of Suspense #77. And as I recall, the cards looked just like the ones in the picture. The production quality overall was really cheap.