Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Get Swept Up With The Monkees! Filming the HEAD Movie in 1968! Mike: "It Scared the %$@# Out of Me!"

Direct from a 1968 FLIP teen magazine, here is the inside scoop of the Monkees' filming their wild and wooly film, HEAD! See the (not so happy) band on wires, during the crazy "vacuum cleaner" flying scene! See dimpled darling Davy Jones learn his difficult "Daddy's Song" dance steps from a then-unknown Toni Basil! Click each to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge more tidbids and pics, all detailing the making of HEAD!

"Flying" in front of the "vacuum" background again!
Pic courtesy of "Henry Babbit" on FaceBook!

Above: On the movie set, here comes Dean Jeffries' amazing Kyote dune
buggy custom, meant to sorta be the "new" Monkeemobile! Never quite happened...

Above: From a jocular Japanese magazine, we see on-set pics and 
out-takes from the movie's filming, including the strenuous "vacuum" scene!

Back on the wires, and in front of the "blue screen!"

Above: The Monkees in 1968, on the set of their weekly TV
contemplating their future movie plans!

BONUS BONUS! Click below for this frivolous FLIP excerpt from the previous year!  The Monkees behind the scenes of their famed NBC-TV series! 


david_b said...

Thanks much for the great coverage.. I have another of those WONDERFUL Japanese photo books from '68, covering both head and their overseas tour. Great quality.

Love the 'FLIP' coverage, I'm always scoping 'round for those fan mags these days.

Richard Bensam said...

I really do love that movie. It's too bad that after all the hassle of making it, the film was sabotaged by a lackluster advertising campaign and forgotten for so long. Watching it today it's much more clear this was no bit of incoherent stoned fluff, but a tightly constructed and thoughtful construct that in many ways anticipates the comedy style Monty Python would base their reputation on just a few short years later.