Thursday, May 23, 2013

Batman and Robin? The "Dynamic Duo of Fun and Fudgery?!" Papa Fudge! DC Comics?!

Dig this super-strange ad for a famed chocolate snack establishment from the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area! One enterprising entrepreneur uses well-known pop culture imagery to attract potential hungry sweet-tooth saddled shoppers, and this time, he's zeroed in on a (also strange) BATMAN AND ROBIN movie image from 1997! Here we see the Caped Crusaders repurposed as the "Dynamic Duo of fun and fudgery," all in a disturbing attempt to get laughs and loot! The canny confectioners also configured said ad to resemble a litigation-attracting comic book cover, complete with "DC bullet," and "Comics Code" seal! Click below to enlarge, fudge-fans!

Above: The inside store of the flamboyant founder
of the Fudgery, "Papa Fudge" himself!

Above: "Papa Fudge" also re-imagines other pop culture icons for his
attention-grabbing posters, such as the Hulk, seen here as the "Hunk!"

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