Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1976 Gil Kane CAPTAIN AMERICA Cover Art! The Red Skull Lives! Marvel Madness!

Back yet again with even more mind-numbing Gil Kane comic art greatness! Here is Gil's spectacular cover to MARVEL FEATURE #15, from 1976! We get to glom not only the original b/w comic art, as it appeared before coloring, but also Gil's initial rough sketch design! Cap is in the evil grip of his long-time foe, the reprehensible Red Skull! A real feel of high tension, excitement, and drama is on display here, as only Gil can bring it! Click here to see more of Gil's comic art! Click below to enlarge!

Above, left to right: Gil's rough cover concept sketch! The b/w original comic
art! The final, printed cover, as seen on comic racks in 1976! Are the inks on the
final cover art by Frank Giacoia? Mike Esposito? Nobody can seem to agree! Special
thanks to Anthony's Comic Book Art for the cover rough image!

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