Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zook! The Naked Truth! 1963 DC Comics Censored Controversy!

Who can recall the early-60s tales of that emerald-hued crusader, Martian Manhunter? He never achieved major success, despite being featured in solo back-up strips in DC comic books, as well as in the JUSTICE LEAGUE line-up, but the character was an odd and unique take on the superhero theme. In his earliest days, tho, he was strangely saddled with a humorous little elfin creature/partner called Zook, possibly in an attempt to lighten the mood of the strip, since ol' MM was very wooden and serious! But, the oddest thing about the diminutive and dwarfish Zook was the fact that his artists applied a great deal of effort to always draw him in poses that covered his--uhm--mid-section at all times! Was Zook naked and shaped similarly to humans? Could he not wear shorts, or conveniently have some sort of hair-patch there? Was he embarrassingly well-endowed (onlookers were often drawn with aghast or surprised expressions as alien Zook made his way toward them)? Such an odd thing to see (or not see) in those kid-oriented days of DC Comics! Click below to check out the naked and ugly truth of that zany Zook!

The above excerpt come from the pages of 1963's DETECTIVE COMICS # 318! Art by Joe Certa!

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