Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The "Other" Catwoman! The Strange 1963 Version! Batman! DC Comics!

Sure, we all know that the famed female foe, the Catwoman, has gone thru a million kinky cosmetic changes since her 1940 introduction. But, look below to glance over a very little-known version of the character, as seen in this 1963 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS! Sure, it's only a misguided (or is she?) Batwoman, but ya gotta dig that green-and-red costume design that kinda prefigures her later 1967 version! Click below to enlage and remember (and enjoy some primo Jim Mooney artwork), Cat-fans!

Above: The cover to 1963's DETECTIVE COMICS #318, one that
gave readers their first glimpse of the "new" Catwoman!

That's right, Catman (an obscure BATMAN foe, one who would be revived
in the mid-80s) is so in love with Batwoman, he's created a tailor-made
costume for her, for use once she (surely) joins him! He even has her
exact measurements? Not too creepy...

Of course, Batwoman's sudden and shocking side-switching was only a ruse! She could
never turn evil, and, if she did, it had to be because Batman spurned
her marriage-minded advances! Ah, the early 60s...

Speaking of "creepy," check out that middle tier of panels!

Ah, the tried-and-true (and tired) use of the old "nine lives" schtick! How many
times have we seen that invoked at the end of many a Catwoman tale (tail)?

BONUS! Look below to glare at Catwoman's short-lived late-60s togs, oddly reminiscent of her above 1963 threads!


Phillyradiogeek said...

That green outfit is terrible :) It also appears in the Batman animated series that aired on CBS in the late '60s.

My favorite Catwoman outfit is the classic purple one with the slit up the leg. Impractical for burglarizing, of course, but still...

Tom said...

Mine too, Philly. To me that is he real costume. The current leather aviator helmet thing with the goggles just makes me cringe.
As far as the above green monstrosity, what about green or scaly says cat to anyone? Yet another puzzling aspect of DC's silver age.