Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Origin of--SUPERMAN! 1938 Golden Age Greatness! DC Comics!

Let's peek into the very first 1974 issue of the ever-delightful DYNAMITE magazine! The long-running kid's mag had a regular comics-centric feature (and the only reason I bought every issue) called "Superheroes Confidential," and who better to launch that captivating column than the first comics superhero himself? The mag editors treated fans to actual excerpts of Superman's first adventures from the late 30s, featuring the early raw and powerful talents of Supe's creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster! Plus, dig that fun-filled fact sheet on the Man of Steel, promising tons of "playground cred" to boys all over the nation! Fun Fact: DYNAMITE's creator, Jenette Kahn, was later hired by DC Comics (Superman's publisher) to steer that company into the late-70s! Click images below to enlarge!

So much of the above wacky wonderfulness has since
been "erased" by later super-serious comics editors...Pity..

BONUS! From that same initial issue, we see one frantic fan fill out this back-end survey! Thank heavens (for us and the mag) he never sent this in! A real peek into the period!

"...and another one. The side with the picture...." Priceless.


Anonymous said...

I really loved those Dynamite and Smash magazines from the 70's, which we used to get from Scholastic, I believe. Marvel and D.C. comics were sometimes hard to come by, and it was a real thrill seeing those articles about the superheroes and villains back then. sadly, those copies are long gone, but I enjoy you showing them here, especially that fight between Thor an Ego. That one was my favorite. There was another Thor article, in what magazine I can't recall, that featured his rogue's gallery. Does anyone know which one? I'd love to find it somewhere.

Al Bigley said...

That sounds like it would have run in SMASH...

Thanks for the compliments!

Al Bigley