Friday, April 5, 2013

The Hulk vs. Man-Thing! 1976 Gil Kane Masterwork! Marvel Comics Mania!

Back again with another deep dip into the limitless Gil Kane comic art bin! Here is Gil's amazing pencil rough for his cover to INCREDIBLE HULK #198, from 1976! We get not only one muscular giant, but two, as ol Jade-Jowls teams up with the monstrous Man-Thing, in pitched battle against a legion of warriors! This was Gil's forte: swirling masses of twisting, turning, jumping figures, all grouped in a compelling composition that no comics fan could pass up! Click here to see more fabulous Gil Kane cover layouts! Click below to enlarge and study, art lovers!

Note that Gil uses the time-honored "pyramid" composition in creating
the above (left) image! Also, the finished cover (right), was inked over
 Gil's pencils by John Romita, Sr.!

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