Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Face? Tomboy? Razorback?! The Super-ZEROES That Never Made It! Marvel! DC!

Dig this 2003 article from the riotous SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS magazine, produced by the nifty Nickelodeon folks! Here, the over-worked editors put together a pandemonium-packed piece on all the comics characters that never quite passed the test of time, with some lackluster losers dating as far back to the "Golden Age" of comics! Who recalls the mid-60s "Captain (no, not that one) Marvel," who possessed the pulse-pounding power to bodily fly apart, whenever he shouted his famous magic word: "Split?" And how about that sizzling 70s sensation, Razorback? He was a hero/villain who bedeviled Spider-Man, using marginally interesting CB/trucker jargon and motifs that were (briefly) popular in the day. Well, they can't all be winners! Click below to enlarge and remember! If you must...

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