Friday, April 19, 2013

Superman vs. Magical Mr. Mxyztplk! 1976 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art!

Here's another blast from my past! Here is a dynamic drawing depicting Superman in ineffectual battle against his mystical menacing foe, impish Mr. Mxyztplk! Inspired by my then-newly acquired 1976 Power Records SUPERMAN 45 disc, with fabulous cover art by Neal Adams (more below), I just had to try my hand at re-creating that image for myself! But, some nagging questions remain about my less-than-sensational scribblings! What's with my odd additions and alterations to Neal's version, such as Superman casually observing his failure to capture his enemy? How about the Man of Steel's insensitive shattering of the side of the Daily Planet building in order to go into action? And, why the radio station call letters? Who knows? Click below to enlarge! Not too bad for an 11-year old fan!

Above: The actual 1976 Power Record 45 cover, sporting Neal Adam's fantastic
artwork that inspired my own not-so-fantastic artistic efforts!  In those 

pre-internet days, young fans (like me) were thrilled to discover a new piece 
of unexpected Adams art, and once I stumbled upon this wax gem (at a 
Texas JCPenney) in the sweltering summer of '76, I had to have it! Who 
knew Neal had drawn another fantastic front-piece for Power Records

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