Thursday, April 4, 2013

SHAZAM! How to Draw the Captain Marvel Family! Golden Age DC Comics!

Direct from another giant-sized DC Comics 1973 tabloid comic, here are three pulpy pages, chock-full of instructional advice on drawing the mighty Marvel Family! Originally published in the 40s by Fawcett Comics (the original SHAZAM owners), it was re-purposed in the mid-70s once DC obtained the rights to the character and property! Original artist C.C. Beck even returned to draw some of those new 70s Cap adventures, at least for a short time, and it was like having the best of the Golden Age during the Bronze Age! Beck (with some possible help from Mac Raboy) even instructs us in the lessons below, so click below to enlarge these pages, and get that pencil working!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge the fantastic cover that housed the above special SHAZAM feature!

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david_b said...

Bought it off the stands back in the day, one of the BEST DC Treasuries, wish more had the little extras like this.