Monday, April 29, 2013

More Batty BATMAN 1966 Bits! On the Set With Adam West! Batgirl Goes Capeless! Video!

Back again, Bat-fans, with even more rare pics and hits from the nifty 1966 BATMAN TV series! Click each to enlarge!

Above: Adam West ("Batman") thrills a young visitor to the
Batcave set! The lad even gets to hold the famed utility belt

Above: Back on the set of the Batcave, during scene rehearsals!

Above: Neil Hamilton ("Commissioner Gordon") rehearses with Adam West and 
Myrna Fahey ("Blaze") in the two-parter, "True or False Face"/"Holy Rat Race"

Above: The ever-genial Adam West poses with set visitors yet again!

Above: Cesar Romero spends time with one lucky (and
possibly very frightened) Batman fan!

Above: What's this? Batgirl, sans her famous cute cape? Yep! During a run-thru 
on the set of a BATMAN third season episode! Pic courtesy of "BatStuff" on FaceBook!

Above: On the set of the 1966 BATMAN movie! The four super-foes
pose with famed basketball coach Red Auerbach, yet another set visitor!

BAT-BONUS! Click below to view a fabulous 1994 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT profile, spotlighting the career of TV "Joker," Cesar Romero!

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