Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DAYDREAM BELIEVERS! Remembering "The Monkees Story!" 2000 VH1 Coverage!

Has it really been thirteen years since the first-ever movie about the Monkees' life and times premiered?! True! It was called DAYDREAM BELIEVERS, and you can look below to glom some very rare clippings, ads, and reviews from the pages of TV GUIDE, as energetic editors discuss the film, its stars, and the Monkees' impact in general!

What's that? Ya say you want some goods involving the real Monkees? Look no further! Below are some tidbits dealing with the 2000 (a very good year for Monkeemania) VH1 BEHIND THE MUSIC Monkees special, as well as one irate fan berating the tired TV GUIDE staff for the usual misinformation about the band!

Say what? You want more?! Say no more! Click below to see some exclusive 2000 movie coverage from the folks at ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, as well as the real Peter Tork himself, chiming in with his comical comments, too!

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