Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DAREDEVIL #84! Original 1972 Gil Kane Cover Art! Marvel Comics Mayhem!

Back again with more of that ubiquitous Gil Kane artwork! This time, I dip into my own original art collection to show this fabulous 1972 DAREDEVIL cover! Once again, Gil demonstrates his skill with lithe and action-oriented superheroic figures, as well as with staging, establishing depth, and just plain creating a truly arresting cover scene! Ol' Daredevil has never looked better! Click here for more great Gil artwork! Click below to enlarge!

Note how the art had to be slightly adjusted and continued on the sides, due to
 the then-new implementation of the "boxed" cover art design! Marvel used
this visual device on their covers for a few months in 1972, in an attempt
 to set their books apart from their competition on the stands!

BONUS! Glance below to see me with the above much-loved DD cover!


david_b said...

Utterly remarkable, sir.

Been following your site for years for great comics and Monkees stuff.


Al Bigley said...

Thank you, sir!

Al Bigley