Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who SAYS Original Art Has to Be Good? NOT BRAND ECHH! 1967 Kirby Art!

Take a look at this brain-blasting original cover for 1967's debut issue of NOT BRAND ECHH! You wouldn't think that Jack "King" Kirby would be so darned good when poking fun at his merry Marvel Comics co-creations, but he was more than up to task for this short-lived humor mag! Jack used his composition and character posing skills to bring fans a Fantastic Four, Doc Doom, and Silver Surfer as they've never been seen before, preparing for the inconsequential coming of--Forbush Man (who seems to have undergone a ton of revisions here, making ya wonder if he had a different look at one time)! Thanks to the "What If Kirby" website for this one! Click below to enlarge!

NBE was one of the first titles I scrambled to collect in back-issue bins in the early 80s, once I 
got access to comic shops and conventions! A great and fun title, one that needs to be 
properly collected today!

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Steven Thompson said...

This cover and the issue itself remain one of my absolute favorite bits of nostalgia from my childhood.