Saturday, March 30, 2013

The FLASH! Behind the Scenes of the 1990 CBS TV Series! Rare Video!

Here is a terrific recent fact-filled feature from the fine folks at FILMFAX magazine, throwing a red-hot spotlight on the 1990 CBS series, THE FLASH! Read about the Scarlet Speedster's comics history, the making of this famed show, the series star's recent doings after the fleet-footed show was quickly cancelled, and more! Click here for more FLASH-facts! Click below to enlarge images, Flash-fans!

Think the above accounting of the comic book Flash's history is confusing?
You should see what DC Comics have done to him since!

BONUS! Click below to view this rare clip from ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT! It's all about the FLASH series, and the early-90s wave of comic book-themed movies and shows!

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