Saturday, March 16, 2013

Superman and Captain America Together as--Insurance Salesmen?! 1972 Ad!

Dig this colorful 1972 magazine ad! It smooshes the top comic book and strip characters of the day into one urgent advertisement! When was the last time you saw Superman, Lone Ranger, Captain America, Tarzan, and Dick Tracy together? Only in 70s ads, where things were far looser, and far more creative, than today! Looks as if one artist was assigned the unenviable job of taking select clipped art of each figure, then drawing one finished montage image...But, you can still see the style of each hero's original artist (Jack Kirby, Curt Swan, Burne Hogarth, etc...) shining right thru! Click to enlarge!


Comics Bronze Age said...

Al, you serve up the oddest Bronze Age goodness. Keep it up!


Al Bigley said...

Thank you, sir!

Just wait until ya see what's coming down the pike!


Al Bigley