Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shattering Sunday SPIDER-MAN 70s Strips! The Vicinity of Vera! Marvel Madness!

Last time, we sat with glassy-eyed amazement, as Spidey was put to the wall by a ferocious female who knew his secret identity! Now, the worried Wall-Climber goes nuts, as he searches the city for the one lone women who can cruelly crush his crime-busting career! Will he find her? Can he make her drop her black-hearted blackmailing scheme? And--why doesn't Peter's "Spider-Sense" tip him off to Vera's close vicinity in those first few strips? Yet another dynamite dose of daily strips from the 1978 run of this famous newspaper sensation, by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.!  Click below to enlarge, then wall-crawl over to here for the next intense installment!

Note how artist John Romita uses lots of close-up panels,
in order to ratchet up the drama and tense emotion!

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