Sunday, March 17, 2013

Senses-Shattering Sunday 70s SPIDER-MAN Strips! "My Clothes--They're Gone!" Marvel!

Last time, we gawked in numb disbelief as Spidey, fresh from a successful robbery bust-up, was stopped short by the realization that somebody may now know his true identity! Who could unearth such a well-guarded secret? Dr. Octopus? Electro? The Big Wheel? Nope! Just some slinky, sexy citizen, sashaying by Spidey's swiftly-stashed Peter Parker duds! It had to happen! So, what does our worried Web-Slinger do now? Will he be forced to make a deal with the red-haired reprobate? Will she demand to be made Spidey's partner in crime-busting? More mile-high Marvelmania from Stan Lee and John Romita., Sr.! Click below to enlarge, arachnid-phile!

BONUS! Cast your grateful orbs below, for a peep at a nifty 1973 bio of SPIDEY artist, John Romita, Sr.!

The above is excerpted from an
early issue of FOOM magazine!

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