Thursday, March 21, 2013

Monkees Madness! Davy in TV GUIDE! Michael on Stage! Peter in San Francisco!

One more time with the Monkees! Click below to view more rare pics and video!

Above: Dick Van Dyke visits the set of THE MONKEES during their first season on NBC!
Unfortunately, Van Dyke would not appear in any actual episodes!

Above: The guys take a moment for musical composing, on
the set of the "Nice Place to Visit" episode...

Above: A controversial pic of the "bearded" Monkees (surrounding album
producer Chip Douglas) similar to one that appeared on the rear of the HEADQUARTERS LP in
1967! It was quickly yanked, to be replaced by a more "clean cut" pic of the band!

Above: A TV GUIDE ad for the Monkees' fourth LP release!

Above: Ad for the Monkees' seventh USA single release!
Features terrific art by Frank Morton!

Above: Michael on stage during the 1968 Far East tour!

Above and below: The bands romps and stomps (on the set of the "At 
The Circus" episode) during a 1967 visit from TV GUIDE!

Above: For their second 1967 TV GUIDE photo shoot, the guys
are seen in a more sedate (and staged) setting!

BONUS! Click below to view a rare 1995 clip of Peter Tork on THE MIKE & MATY SHOW! Peter shows us around his then-home, San Francisco!

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