Saturday, March 23, 2013

Green Lantern! The Strange Alien Corps! The Lamplighter! 1969 Gil Kane Cover Art! DC!

Here is a very special Green Lantern triple-shot! FIrst up: a look at a few of the many crusading alien Lanterns from around the galaxy! This was one of many special feature "fillers" that DC ran in their large-sized edition comics and such, and they were always very informative! Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Look below to glom great original cover art (by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson) from 1968, featuring ol' GL threatened by the lecherous Lamplighter, in fabulous eye-catching late-60 psychedelic fashion! Click below to enlarge!

BONUS BONUS! Below is yet another incredibly beautiful Gil Kane-forged GL cover, this one from 1969! Note Gil's use of composition, anatomy, and body language, all combined in creating a powerful image that needs no text (tho it's added to the final printed cover, of course)!

Note how the expert (but simple) coloring sets off different planes in the published art above!
The field of pink-colored hands is set against the emerald colors of the
Green Lantern figure, with few other colors added, creating a
sense of depth and drama!

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