Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gil Kane! 1975 POWER MAN Cover Rough! Marvel Comics Masterpiece!

In answer to endless requests for more rare Gil Kane-pencilled cover designs, take a gander below to see another mind-bending entry! Here is Gil's magnificent cover rough for the front of POWER MAN #25, from 1975! Do I need to mention Gil's mastery of anatomy, movement, depth, and composition? I didn't think so. Click to enlarge, armadillo (and, if you recognize that animalistic appellation, you really are a Bronze Age fan)!

Above: Luke Cage is struggling against the Ringmaster and his  "Circus of
Crime," a criminal cadre that dates back to early HULK issues from 1962!

BONUS! Glare below to see a rare 1973 Gil Kane pic and bio, from fantastic FOOM magazine!

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