Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BATMAN 1966 TV Series! 1988 Burt Ward Update! "I Don't Need Robin Anymore!" DC Comics!

Here comes boyish Burt Ward, bouncing back in the late 80s for a terrific PEOPLE magazine interview! This insightful article was done during the wave of "Batmania" created by the then-coming 1989 BATMAN movie, but the former "Robin" (from the sensational 1966 TV series) proves he was not slowing down in '88! Burt talks about his work with kids, movie projects, and his BATMAN past! Click below to enlarge!

Unfortunately, all of Burt's above projects fell apart, including his marriage to 
Mariana! However, the former Caped Crusader now rescues unwanted large 
dogs and finds new homes for them! See more about his mission here!

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