Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1979 INCREDIBLE HULK Spotlight! Lou Ferrigno's "Morning Sickness!"

Back again with more insight into the famed late-70s TV juggernaut, THE INCREDIBLE HULK! Here, another kid-aimed book talks with star Lou Ferrigno ("Hulk" himself) about his arduous past, the making of the show, and so much more! Click below to enlarge and enjoy!

I would order such books (thru 8th grade school book clubs), like the one
above, simply for the info on the HULK and SPIDER-MAN CBS shows! There were
very few outlets, except for mags like STARLOG, for such articles and information!

Above: Who knew the Hulk wore Calvin Kleins? Lou Ferrigno gets made up
as the jade giant on the set of the show! Note the strapped-on forehead
appliance, and the liberal application of body paint!

Above: Lou Ferrigno, as "Hulk," rampages thru New York City's famed
Times Square, for a memorable first season episode! Note the stockings
and slippers! Would you wanna run barefoot thru 70s NYC?!

Above three images: A look at Ric Drasin, the "Demi-Hulk," as seen in the 1980 fourth
season episode, "Prometheus!" Ol' Doc Banner got caught in mid-transformation
in the episode, and it was up to bodybuilder Drasin to depict Banner's new state of being!

Above: A terrific 1981 article from NATIONAL ENQUIRER!

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