Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1977 SPIDEY SUPER STORIES Original Cover Art! John Romita! Marvel!

Sure, we all know that John Romita, Sr. created tons of captivating covers for the kid-aimed SPIDEY SUPER STORIES comic in the 70s, but what about the back covers of that famous title? Gawk below to take in a wonderful 1977 flip-side ad for SSS, one that spotlights custom original art by JRSR! To me (and many fans), Romita crafted the look for Spider-Man, his cast and rambunctious rogues gallery, and much of the mighty "Marvel Universe" in general! Click below to enlarge!

Exactly what you were supposed to do with the "Spidey stamps" is still a mystery!

BONUS! Cast your orbs below, to see the front cover for this awesome issue!

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