Monday, February 11, 2013

The Monkees! Micky's "Open Marriage!" Davy Meets Alice Cooper! Bizzarre French Video!

Here we go again, swinging back into action with more rare pics and videos of the Monkees! Click below to enlarge these images from teen mags, gossip rags, UK tabloids, and more!

Above two images: More alternate pics from the
Monkees' photo shoot for their 2nd TV GUIDE cover!

Above: This shirt was so durable, I knew a gal
who came to school wearing it--in 1976!

Above: Peter on the set (and on the drums!) with director
and improv coach, James Frawley, in 1966!

Above: Michael and Micky are mobbed by autograph-seeking fans
in an airport (see more pics here) during the first few weeks of "Monkeemania!

Above: Davy meets Alice Cooper in 1977, and in more recent days!

Above: A Monkees montage poster, created by me in 1988! In those days way before Photoshop, it
meant Xeroxing and modifying (by hand) tons of images, pasting and 
arranging, etc., all 
in an attempt to get a serious b/w chiaroscuro vibe...

Above: Remember to digest all reporting from the STAR (and similar tabloids) with a big grain of salt!

BONUS! Click below to see a very rare 1967 clip from the French TV show, BATON ROUGE! It's gotta be the strangest Monkees-related video of all time!

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