Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Influential HULK #206! 1977 Dave Cockrum Art! Lamps! Toys! Clocks! Marvel!

Only mere days ago, the fan community was shaken to its core, due to my panic-packed post on Neal Adams' influential INHUMANS artwork from the mid-70s! Well, I'm back on the same track again, with a look at one of the most popular (and most visible) Hulk images of all time! Dandy Dave Cockrum drew the cover to 1977's INCREDIBLE HULK #206, and his dynamic pose of the Green Golem soon became one of the most iconic illos of all time! Don't believe me? Take a glance below to see some merry merchandise that featured this awesome artwork (with some minor tweaks here and there), on toys, posters, puzzles, even lamps! And why not? It is one of the best Hulk illustrations ever! Click images below to enlarge!

Above: The '77 cover to INCREDIBLE HULK #206, by Dave Cockrum! Below: Its many uses on toys and merchandise!

Above: I sent away for this fabulous painted poster in 1978, and I still own it!

Is it me, or does Hulk look as if he's sprinting away from something?

Above: That's right! It's me, in a 2001 HULK shirt, sold at Universal Studios in 
Florida! Recognize that cover and pose, Frantic One?

Above: A new 2012 figural lamp, using, again, that famous Dave Cockrum-drawn image!


Joe Jusko said...

I think there's a lithograph of this, too. I painted the backgrounds for series that included a Buscema Surfer, a Romita Spidey and this piece. I received copies of the first two but never this one.

Mike Rodrigue said...

Joe is correct. I have one of them. The signed and numbered edition was limited to 500 and was signed by Stan Lee. Fantastic backgrounds Mr. Jusko. They really make the Hulk pop out of the piece. One of my favorites.