Thursday, February 14, 2013

Marvel Comics Salutes SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE?! 1978 Madness!

You read right, frantic one! So popular was SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE, that the cinematic sensation was featured in many attention-seeking magazines of the day, including Marvel Comics' own entry into the kid/teen publishing arena, PIZZAZZ magazine! Click below to enlarge this great and kicky 1978 article about the film, its stars, and its lasting impact! Keep an eye open for another Marvel/DC connection, too!

Note how Marvel humorously handled the delicate situation of highlighting
the competitor's (DC Comics) top character on their cover!

I never saw this article back in the day, feeling I was far too old (at age 13!) for these kinda mags! Plus, I had given up reading DC comics that year, jumping ship full-time for the more mature Marvel mags, a decision that would stay in effect for another five years! That self-imposed exile extended to DC's characters, too, hence my never seeing SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE until it ran on ABC-TV years later!

And to think the above stunt was cut from the finished print of the film!
That's show-biz for ya! Read more about the late-70s SPIDER-MAN TV show here!

BONUS! Click below to view some rare promo photos taken in association with SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE!

Thanks to the terrific site,, for the above pic!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to view this rare 1987 clip from ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, spotlighting Chris Reeve and SUPERMAN 4! You can also glom a look at the famed "Superman Museum" in Metropolis, Illinois!

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