Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Supergirl! As Portrayed by--CAROL BURNETT?! 1962 Live-Action TV Clip!

Take a look at this rare 1962 clip, from the popular GARRY MOORE SHOW! It's one of Carol Burnett's first TV appearances, and who else would she portray in this silly celluloid sketch? That's right--Supergirl! In this parody of the 50s ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN TV series, Carol and company run thru all the old standard superhero stereotypes: super powers, secret identities, and unrequited loves! This is also said to be the TV debut of Carol's famous "Tarzan yell" on TV, too! Click below to watch and enjoy this true rarity!


Richard Bensam said...

That was surprisingly good, and I say that as an admirer of both Garry Moore and Carol Burnett. It's just that we're so used to seeing superhero skits on television being done with a sneer, it's nice to see one that showed a sense of fun instead.

Walaka said...

Welp, let's see - the production values and writing were just about as good as the Reeves show, Burnett was as excellent as always, and even ol' Durwood did a fine job. Fun indeed!

Interesting how it was contextualized as a children's show - I think we forget that in the current wave of movies.