Thursday, February 28, 2013

Davy Jones' "Life Story!" Back on CBS THIS MORNING in 1993! Monkees!

Continuing "Davy Jones week" with a riotous raft of rare pics and bits! Click below to enlarge these Monkees-charged images (and video!) from the past!

Above: Davy's "life story," from a 1967 issue of RAVE magazine!

Above: Yup! It's Davy's 1965 California driver's license! David was enjoying some
mild solo success then (in the play OLIVER and with his own LP), but by the time
 that license expired in '67, thing would be very different for him!

Davy on stage, live, with the Monkees, in 1967, flanked by Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith!

Above: Davy in more recent days, reminiscing over his 1965 solo LP, the 1967
 Monkees concert program, and the Monkees' second TV Guide cover issue!

BONUS! Just mere days ago, you saw the dynamite and diminutive Davy Jones in a rare 1988 clip, featuring DJ yakking it up on the unsavory show, CBS THIS MORNING! Well, here he is on a return visit, in 1993! The Monkees reunion tours of the late 80s are over, and Davy is his own man again! Hear about his plans and doings of the time, as he tells all to the eager and ever-mawkish Mark McEwen! ! Click below to play and enjoy!

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