Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Davy Jones! In The 60s! Making Music with Jay Leno in The 90s! TONIGHT SHOW Monkee Business!

Back with more rare Monkees and Davy Jones images and artifacts! Click below to enlarge these fun pics from back in the (Hey Hey) day!

Above two pics: A candid fan shot of Micky in character,
and one of Davy with actor Pedro Gonzalez, both
on location for the "Nice Place to Visit" episode...

Above: The guys in the studio, recording audio portions of the HEAD soundtrack in 1968!

Above: Davy on the set of the second season episode, "Nice Place to Visit."

Above: Davy on the "Monkees' Pad" set...

Above: A super-rare 1971 "where are they now?" clipping from LOOK magazine!
Dig Micky's final statement above! And you thought it was Michael who
predicted the 80s video boom...Big thanks to Terry Collins for this one!

BONUS! Another rare clip from my archives! Here is delightful Davy Jones, the Monkees' main man, going solo in 1995 on THE TONIGHT SHOW, with jocular Jay Leno! Davy demonstrates he's a great sport, as he and Jay plow thru some now-dated comical references! Davy had a real talent for playing the "straight man," providing a funny deadpan delivery that's very much on display here! Click below to enlarge! Click here for yesterday's Davy clip!

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