Monday, February 4, 2013

Batman! 1971 Original Cover Art by Neal Adams! "Night of the Reaper!" DC Comics!

Wow! Here is another glimpse of yet more rare original cover art, this time spotlighting the fantastic and well-recalled cover image to BATMAN #237, as crafted by Neal Adams! This issue came during the early 70s return to Bat-basics for the Batman cast of characters, as the Caped Crusader became the fear-inducing "creature of the night" once again, all in an attempt to dispel the light-hearted "camp stamp" of the 60s TV series! Note artist Adams' attention to posing, composition, and detail, even down to indicating dust and movement (sadly eliminated in the final printing) around the prone Robin figure! Can ya believe that his gorgeous cover reproduction comes from a 1976 coloring set toy for tykes? Click here to see more DC cover repros from this great kiddie kit! Click below to enlarge images!

I acquired this comic years after publication, in 1976, from a North Carolina 
back-issue shop! I was floored by the art and story, as I then madly collected 
anything drawn by Neal Adams, and this ranked high among his best work in 
comics! It's still in my collection today!


Richard M. said...

I know what you mean about this comic. I don't know how I missed it off the spinner rack, maybe the 25 cents price tag turned me off, but I found a banged up copy at a second hand store or flea market or something. Oh my. The opening sequence in that story, taking place at the Rutland Halloween parade, still delights me today. I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out a little with Tom Fagan when he showed up at the San Diego Con. It was a thrill for a buy from Hawaii to meet up with this wonderful fan from Vermont. Tom was quite amazed at the size of San Diego. This was about 15 years ago. Fun memory. This is one of my top Neal Adams stories. I'v e collected Neal originals for years alway looking for the one true Grail. This would certainly be the one for me. Thanks for stirring up good memories with this posting.

Richard M. said...

And the next time I post a comment I promise not to do so after being up working all night long.