Thursday, February 7, 2013

Batman 1966! More Rare Articles, Pics, and Video! Adam West! Burt Ward Speaks!

Here we go again with another look at the maddening mid-60s "Batmania" phenomena! Below are great rare articles (including a big one from SATURDAY EVENING POST), pics (on and off the set!), and even a rare 1989 video! Click images below to enlarge!

Above: The 1966 SATURDAY EVENING POST article about BATMAN, one of many to see print in those first few months of "Batmania!" The tone may seem harsh, but this is an era where adults still frowned upon such "foolishness" like the camp movement, pop art, and rock and roll!

Above: Thanks to the show, Batman become one of the most merchandised characters
of all time! Note the plethora of Bat-items, from Colt Cola soda, to hats, games, and even rain apparel!

Above: From a 1967 TV GUIDE, not really a BATMAN review, but a look
 at several shows of the period. Ya gotta love that fantastic Al Hirschfeld illustration!

BONUS! Click below to see and hear Burt ("Robin") Ward, in a rare 1989 interview, talking about his days on the BATMAN show, his later doings, and even the then-current BATMAN movie!

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