Saturday, February 16, 2013

AVENGERS #162! Original 1977 George Perez Marvel Comic Art! Iron Man!

When it came to attractive late-70s comic art, nobody did it better than George Perez! Below is yet another one of his amazing covers for Marvel, this one fronting 1977's AVENGERS #162, inked by Pablo Marcos! You can see that George brought an exciting sense of composition, drama, and action to his work, along with a sleek new (but not too new and off-putting) take on the Marvel superhero favorites! Can you spot the subtle differences between the original art and the published version? Click image below to enlarge! Click here to see more pulse-pounding Perez pencilling! 

I had a mail subscription to AVENGERS during this time period, and can clearly recall
unveiling each newly-delivered copy, being so excited upon taking that
first look at each new powerful Perez cover!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge this rare pic of George Perez, confabbing with a drowsy devotee at a convention in Virginia, circa 1992!

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