Saturday, February 23, 2013

1967 SPIDER-MAN Cartoon Series on DVD! An In-Depth Look! Marvel!

Another great article from those loons at VIDEO WATCHDOG magazine! This time, they take a loving look at the famous 1967 SPIDER-MAN ("Does whatever a spider can...") ABC-TV cartoon series! This riotous retrospect was published in conjunction with the 2005 release of the series on DVD (at long last!), and spotlights the highs and (too many) lows of the well-remembered show! The terrific voice actors (most of whom also provided vocals to the Rankin/Bass holiday TV specials), the great direct-from-the-comics super foes, and the jerky jaw-dropping last seasons produced by reckless Ralph Bakshi! It's all here! Click below to enlarge each!

Say what ya want about those later seasons, that "Origin of Spider-Man" episode is a great one!

As a kid watching these unspool as reruns in the early 70s, I wasn't bothered by the odd
mis-matched (to the Spider-Man character and tone) foes and plots, and was
 even largely unaware of the recycled episodes, until I was able to view
them all in consecutive order in 2005, thanks to the DVD release!

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