Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1966 MARVEL SUPERHEROES Cartoons! The Inside Story! The Voice of IRON MAN!

Here are a few interesting tidbits and excerpts from the 2002 book, MARVEL--THE CHARACTERS AND THEIR UNIVERSE! The book reads like a sort of vanity project that Marvel made, a love-letter to itself, as if hyping available characters for animation, TV, and movies. The book did have some valid and novel sections detailing Marvel's past TV projects, such as the famed 1966 cartoon series, THE MARVEL SUPERHEROES! Click below to read how actor John Vernon (ANIMAL HOUSE) provided the voice of Tony Stark and Iron Man! See rare cells and production art! Sure, the cartoons were (and are) known for their direct-from-the-comics "limited animation," but, as eloquently stated below, many of us true-blue fans of the period find them "beautifully done." Click images below to enlarge!

Much of the voice talent (listed above) would go on to provide their pipes to the
SPIDER-MAN cartoon the following year, and the famous Rankin/Bass Christmas TV specials!

Actual orignal art (and stats of same) was provided to the animation firm, to use in the making
of these cartoons! It's rumored that some of that valuable art never made it back to the Marvel offices!

BONUS! Click below to see the very rare 1966 color opening segment for the series! The shows were later broken up, to be offered to TV stations as individual segments, but this was used as a "blanket" opening theme, spotlighting all five swingin' superheroes in the package!

BONUS BONUS BONUS! Click below to see an actual Boston-area ad for the afternoon broadcasts of this sensational 60s show!

Special thanks to Steven Thompson for the above clipping!

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