Friday, January 25, 2013

The Savage SUB-MARINER's Sea-Born 60s Story! The Salty Saga! Marvel Comics!

Again with those delightful and dapper darlings at DYNAMITE magazine! Here they are, in 1975, presenting the long-range look-back origin tale of the not-so-sanguine Sub-Mariner! Even tho the salty sea-goer harkens back to the late 30s, the insightful editors chose a fairly recent segment, from 1968's SUB-MARINER #1 (Subby's first solo comic since his book's original cancellation in the 50s), to spotlight the sea king's early days, even including how he made the decades-spanning jump into modern Marvel comics (with a little help from the Fantastic Four's Human Torch)! Stan Lee was very careful and selective in bringing back older superheroes from the "Golden Age," only reviving Subby, Captain America, and a few others from the 40s and 50s, to powerful effect in the 60s! Click below to enlarge and learn all about this water-logged warrior!

The above segment showcases some terrific art by John Buscema, one of Subby's main artists of the 60s!

Sub-Mariner (as well as the Hulk) was one of Marvel's famed "anti-heroes," 
characters that were relatively heroic, but still out for their own interests 
and security. A huge difference over other company's heroes,
with their very limited or unrealistically defined motivations.

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