Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Monkees! 70s Updates! Dolenz on DINAH! Davy Does Disco!?

It's 1976. You've been a Monkees fan since CBS re-ran their sensational show as part of their Saturday morning fare in 1971. Now the band is back on TV, in syndicated after-school slots. You're curious about the group's current activities, but in those pre-internet, pre-media-saturated days, what do ya do? You search and find the very scant coverage given to the Monkees in the mid-70s, in rare "whatever-became-of" clippings from the pages of 16 MAGAZINE and other teen mags of the day! Click each to enlarge!

This is my own 16 MAGAZINE clipping, from mid-1976! I had no idea that Michael had
new LPs available, or even where to get them! I also had no inkling there had been
a DJB&H show or LP! Such was the level of fan communication in those days! 

Of course, a new show was not be forthcoming. Micky and Davy 
would play a few more concert gigs and appear in the play, THE POINT. 
Micky would soon after head to the UK, to begin a successful directing 
career, as Davy continued his live shows and appearances. Not until 
the 1986 MTV-fueled reunion would fans see the group 
reunited with new projects!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge this (very candid) 1977 Davy Jones interview, from the pulp-packed pages of BLITZ music magazine!

At this time, fans valued discographies, since collectors could never be sure exactly
what was available from a given artist, especially one who recorded for many labels!

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