Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Flash! Shocking 1976 Ernie Chan Original Cover Art! DC Comics!

You just don't see that many original covers by Ernie Chan surface, but here is one of his best! It's the 1976 cover to FLASH #242, and it spotlights the Scarlet Speedster in all his glory! Note how Ernie used a great deal of added White-Out over the black background, to add an even more dynamic spark effect around the main figure! Add a dramatic sense of depth and composition, and you have yet another eye-catching cover from the Bronze Age! Click below to enlarge!

Dig that ignored note (lower left) to add the dramatic title to the cover! Thanks to the Romitaman.com site for this terrific cover image!

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Martin Gray said...

That is indeed a sizzler! I love Ernie Chan/Chua.