Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Avengers! 1977 Albert Bigley Original Art! Marvel Comics?!

You asked for it! Here it is! That's right, more drawings and scrawlings from my productive past! Here is a pulsatin' pencil drawing I whomped up in 1977, at age 12! Based on two then-daring comics draw by Jim Starlin, here are most of the Avengers assembled to pound the evil Thanos (you glimpsed him at the end of the recent AVENGERS film, right?) into oblivion! Iron Man! Thor! Vision! Even a tiny Captain America! I was inspired by the work of the artist on the above-mentioned comic books: Jim Starlin, as he brought a different look to superheroes, bypassing the then-usual Kirby/Romita route, complete with copious amounts of powerful poses and slick techniques! Such a visual treat was a real eye-opener for a young artist then! Click to enlarge image!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge the actual 1977 page that inspired me to create the above masterpiece (?) of comic art!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to glom the two covers that housed these twin sensational stories, AVENGERS ANNUAL #7, and MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE ANNUAL #2!

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KevinFermoyle said...

Those two annuals comprise one of my all time favorite comic book stories. It was Starlin at his best. And in my opinion Joe Rubenstein was the best inker Starlin ever worked with. I believe one of the issues opens with a full page of Warlock silhouetted in front of a planetscape background - beautiful stuff.