Monday, January 7, 2013

Superman Says: "Pizza is Good For You!" 1977 Pizza Hut Comic Book! DC Comics!

In my decades-long effort to stay fit, my two arch enemies have been those twin powerhouses: pizza and chocolate. Oh, those two delicious devils of the diet! But wait!! What's this? It's Superman himself, in his own custom give-away comic from 1977! He tells me that not only does pizza taste good, but it's so darn good for me! Sure, this is touted in a promotional item from DC Comics and the pandering Pizza Hut folks, but would Superman or his fellow Justice Leaguers lie? Hold it! On further inspection of their nutrition info chart, I see that they're only giving us three tiny slices of pizza! Oh, well. At least I have a nifty comic to read, one that reprints a famed story from the fabulous fifties! Maybe I should eat the comic and read the pizza? Click below to enlarge these cross-promotional ads from this fun incentive item!

Note how they were then calling that one (modest in calories) pizza
variety, "thick and chewy," as opposed to "thick crust..."

"Let yourself go--to Pizza Hut." Is that really the
best slogan they could come up with then?

BONUS! Click below to enlarge the actual cover to this gargantuan give-away comic book!

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Josh Flowers said...

I actually have this comic book given to me by my grand mother but with a different cover than shown. The ad is in there and it's entertaining to see the endorsement