Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spider-Man Says, "Happy New Year!" 1975 Marvel Original Comic Art! Romita!

Sure, I know we're almost three weeks into the new year, but it's never too late to present rarities from the pen of John Romita, Sr.! Dig this powerful piece from the 1975 Marvel Comics calendar, depicting Spidey and his amazing friends, ready to ring in the nifty new year! John was noted for his superhero action and pacing, but even more so for his faculty for rendering "real" people in realistic situations! Thus, he was doubly powerful on the character-heavy SPIDER-MAN strip, populated with a large cast of co-workers, school chums, and relatives! All of the Web-Slinger's friendly family are here!  Aunt May! Mary Jane! Even not-so-jolly Jonah Jameson?! How many can you name? Click below to enlarge!

Dig that snazzy coloring on the final printed image (above, right)! In those days
before computer coloring, a stat (a high-quality, glossy copy) was made
of the black-and-white art, then hand-colored with watercolors or dyes!
That colored image would be sent to the printers, and shot for the final printing!


Anonymous said...

Dumb technical question - if the stat's on glossy paper, wouldn't dyes have trouble sticking, and run everywhere (question is based on personal experience!)

B Smith

Al Bigley said...


I've used this technique many times, and had no troubles!

The "Doc Martin" dyes stain the paper immediately upon application, so I guess it depends on how much water you add to your paints, your paper stock, and such!


Al Bigley